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Eckhart on Dense Pain Bodies

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Some people carry dense pain bodies that are never completely dormant and cause endless cycles of emotional pain in themselves and others.

Some people carry dense pain-bodies that are never completely dormant. They may appear to be normal, calm or indifferent, to have normal relationships, a steady job and social life. Yet, just underneath the surface is a seething mass of disturbance just waiting for the next situation to react to or the next person or group to blame. These pain-bodies are like hungry ghosts who are never satisfied. They are quick to slide into a state of blaming, wanting revenge, or feeling outraged and betrayed. The ego’s need for enemies is always magnified in people who have dense pain-bodies.

Because of this heightened reactivity, something that really is relatively insignificant gets magnified into a life and death situation that pulls other people into their drama. Some people get themselves involved in extended, exhausting court battles. Others are consumed with hatred toward an ex-partner or family member. Anyone who holds a grudge is acting out of their pain-body. Because they are not aware of the pain they are constantly carrying inside, this dense pain-body is superimposed onto ordinary situations. This sets up a scenario where the person cannot tell the difference between what is happening in their reality and their reaction to it.

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The resolution of this pain and suffering therefore must be outside of themselves, so split-off are these people from their dense pain-bodies. This usually brings about actions that recreate the pain-body in real life real world events. This is what seems to have happened to the mass-murderer who appeared to everyone as an ordinary citizen, yet, for years an incredible internal hatred was brewing inside — a pain-body so dense that they feel little or no remorse for acting out on innocent victims. As shocking as these extremely dense pain-bodies are, they are an exaggerated symptom of the human pain-body as a whole — a warning to all of us that the pain-body in each of us must be recognized and resolved through understanding, compassion, and the present moment.

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