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The Lack of Ego in Jesus

Most of the people who are influential and powerful on this planet tend to be completely identified with the outer personality they portray.

The general public may consider these high profile media personalities to be Very Important People, but really they are inadvertent players in an egoic unconscious game that looks significant and appears important but actually “signifies nothing.” This drama of the “clash of the Ego Titans” has only one real purpose – creating more and more suffering on the planet that on the positive side builds the furnace in which the ego combusts itself.

When we watch someone on television who does not appear to be the sum of their public relations campaign but functions from the deeper center of Being, these persons contrast remarkably with the endless parade of ego imposters. You can identify these bringers of consciousness by the fact that whatever it is they are doing becomes empowered as it is truly in alignment with the grand purpose of things – the whole.

This brings us to Easter and the historical Jesus. Here was a man who was known to be natural and spontaneous. A man reputed to not play roles, which implies that there is no self or ego with an agenda of protecting or strengthening the self.

By being totally focused on a situation, your actions have far greater power and influence. The lineage of the right actions of Jesus continues to be significant to this day. He threw out the money changers even though they were the contemporary equivalent of dishonest bankers. He did not try to save himself from crucifixion by “walking back his remarks” like our politicians of the 21st century or like Galileo, who avoided being burned at the stake by recanting the heliocentric model of the solar system he had published. And for those right actions and authenticity, Jesus’ response is, to this day, celebrated thousands of years later.

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