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Eckhart on the Ego

Why Do We Suffer?

We suffer because we don't know who and what we really are. We suffer because of our identification with ego.

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Food, Shopping and the Ego

Attachment is one of the greatest sources of our suffering, and addiction is a prevalent form of attachment. The more addicted we are, the more suffering we experience.

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How to Free Yourself from the Ego

The ego is present in all of our attachments. We can be attached to wealth, possessions, a person, a group, our job, our intelligence, even our sense of spiritual attainment.

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The Pathological Forms of Ego

If we look at ego in its most fundamental way, ego itself is pathological in the sense of the suffering and dysfunction it causes.

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Karma and the Ego

What is good karma, what is bad karma, and what can you do about it?

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There Are Two of You at All Times

There is you which is pure formless awareness, and there is the you that you think you are and all of its stories and history and hopes and dreams.

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eckhart tolle open door

Through the Open Door

How to discover true liberation beyond the limits of the thinking mind and the little self, and more.