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There Are Two of You at All Times

How do we live with these two very different Me's? How do we find a balance?

There are two of us at all times.

Even now, in this very moment, there are two of you living your life.

There is you which is pure formless awareness, and there is the you that you think you are and all of its stories and history and hopes and dreams.

Another way of saying this is that you are consciousness itself and you are an ego personality that exists in and because of your thoughts.

If we look at these two side-by-side, we get an even clearer picture:

Pure Consciousness

Ego Personality

Formless awareness

Thought forms

Known through presence

Known through thoughts

Present-moment being

Past and future idealization

Lives here and now

Lives elswhere, in the past and future



Identity-less; free from all attachments and identifications

Identified with personal story, status, roles, nationality, jobs, things, etc



Inner sense of aliveness

Mental thought processes

Infinite depth

Outer surface

The Observer

The Doer

Peaceful serenity, quiet equanimity

Drama, reactivity, suffering

At one with all that is, harmoniously

Separate from others; often in conflict

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