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How to Free Yourself from the Ego

The ego is present in all of our attachments. We can be attached to wealth, possessions, a person, a group, our job, our intelligence, even our sense of spiritual attainment.

Whenever we drop one attachment, the ego will very quickly find another. The truth is, we have numerous attachments engaged at any given time. The ego feeds on attachments and is always on the look out for some new thing, person or achievement to identify with and attach itself to.

Of course, it is the goal of each of us to be free of the ego. If you are reading this, you are a person who is consciously seeking to be liberated from the prison of the ego.

How do we free ourselves from the ego?

One way we approach this is to work away on the attachments and identifications. We let go of this attachment and that attachment. We discover everything we're identified with and work to dis-identify with those things. This is a slow process, and by itself it will take a long time to attain. But it is a vital part of the awakening process, and if you seek every day to be less attached and less identified, it will immediately begin to improve the quality of your life and consciousness.

There is another, more easy, way to free ourselves from the ego: presence.

The present moment is the easiest exit point out of the ego. The ego can't co-exist with presence. The ego only lives in past and future. When you are present in this moment, there is no past or future, there is only now.

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