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Living Your Purpose in Every Day Life

You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. This is your true life's purpose and this is how important you are!

How do you live this purpose in your everyday life? You do it by choosing to live in the present moment more and more frequently. Here are a few examples:

Meet everyone and everything through stillness rather than mental noise.

Feel your arms and legs. Feel your breath. When you feel the interior of your body, you bring yourself into the present moment.

Notice how you label things, people and even your own thoughts. In the process of observing the labeling, you become more present. This is also the beginning of dis-identifying from your ego.

When you wash your hands, feel the water, smell the soap.

Every little thing you do throughout the day can be done with presence. This means giving your full attention to what you are doing now, rather than thinking about the next thing you're going to do or reliving an experience from yesterday that made you angry. You are still angry but the event transpired yesterday.

Your day is filled with various activities. Many of them require little thought. These are wonderful opportunities to practice presence.

When you are in the shower in the morning and you are thinking about work, you are living in the future. So much of our stress and anxiety come from worrying about the future or planning the future. It's alright to plan, you need to plan for the future, but you don't need to endlessly plan. Set aside special time for planning and the rest of your day can be for the present moment.

Remember that all of the things you worry about are very small compared to the fact that you are consciousness itself. This consciousness that you are is evolving. Consciousness is the evolutionary process of the universe, and you are a vital part of this.

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