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The Pain-Body of Nations

Nations have pain-bodies and there is a way to understand them that paves the way for Presence.

The recent unrest in the Middle East called the “Arab Spring” gives our planet an opportunity to compare and contrast the national pain- bodies of countries and regions here on earth and pave the way for relief from all that suffering.

In general, older countries have stronger pain-bodies, while younger ones like Canada or Australia are not as dense. Switzerland feels lighter because as a neutral country it has managed to segregate itself from the surrounding madness of Western Europe. In the Middle East the collective pain-body is so extreme that whole parts of those populations feel compelled to actually perform a continuous and psychotic cycle of perpetration and retribution. This explains why there is so much violence and unrest there since their pain-body is thriving right on the surface of people’s ordinary lives.

Certainly China’s oppressive regime would imply a very heavy pain-body that is acted out by human rights abuses, suppression of civil liberties, and lax labor and environmental laws. Yet, the wide spread practice of t’ai chi, where millions practice openly in parks in cities all across China has actually produced a marked decrease of China’s national pain-body by reducing thinking and generating Presence. In fact, all spiritual practices that involve the physical body contribute to diminishing the global pain-body.

As much as Arab nations are at the effect of national pain-bodies so are their rivals the Jews. Because of persecution suffered over hundreds of years, the Jewish people along with Native Americans and Black Americans have a collective pain-body that is quite specific and pronounced.

In the end it doesn’t matter how much of your pain-body is imported from the suffering of your nation or race and what part of it is strictly personal. You can only transcend it by taking full responsibility for what your inner state is right now. There may be many centuries of abuse by others to your people to blame, but as long as you blame others you are making your personality stronger. It not the Devil or Satan who is the perpetrating evil-doer of this planet, it is blind human unconsciousness. Find the Present Moment and inside that moment comes forgiveness and from the compassion of forgiveness arises your true power, the power of light and Presence over the darkness of blame.

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