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Politics & Consciousness

Many of us are asking, as a civilization that is heading toward A New Earth, can political realities derail the vision of a conscious planet?

The short term answer is no and the long term answer is also no.

Because the present moment is not in time, the evolutionary impulse of our planet cannot be stopped by policies, wars, or even beliefs. As we humans leave the pain body of the ego these "conditions on the ground" become more and more meaningless.

Progress on the physical plane has always been in fits and starts. Think about the many failed experiments of inventor Thomas Edison. He tried thousands and thousands of designs before he ever achieved success! And yet, due to his persistence and hard-won success, we have enjoyed electric light now for over 100 years.

Progress on spiritual planes of our inner life experience, in the Present Moment, is less about trial and error and more about discovery. Once you dis-identify with the personality and are no longer ruled by it, then you will begin to experience a momentum of growth and attainment that is not linear.

Reality – as it is perceived – is fundamentally changed.

Living from that ever-changing Present Moment can mean quick, radical changes in the way that Presence is expressed in the policies and procedures that govern our behavior on Earth.

So just as political winds can shift from right to left, so too can consciousness open into the blue sky of self-awareness under any administration, left, right, or center.

Things change – that’s what the present moment is always about.

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