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Are You Ready to Awaken?

A common question that is asked, especially by new readers of Eckhart's books who are very excited by the ideas, is "how can I share this with my friends and family?"

It is very important to realize that not every one is ready to receive these teachings. So the more important question to ask is, "Am I ready?" Are you really ready to let go of your thinking mind? Are you ready to be still and quiet? Are you ready to do what is necessary to let go of form in order to experience the Source? Are you ready to change deeply who you think you are? Are you ready to awaken?

The fact that you are reading these books suggests that you are ready, at least to take the initial steps of awakening. If you are like those people who first pick up The Power of Now or A New Earth, and read them cover to cover with great excitement, you may feel a very strong sense of being ready and you may have already committed within yourself to walk this path of awakening.

The excitement is natural and it is mostly helpful. The excitement is a genuine response to the discovery of a truth that you know can set you free. If you want to be free, there can be little more exciting than that. And the excitement will help motivate you and encourage you to be steadfast and sturdy. The process of dismantling the ego can be very difficult, so you need not just the courage to remain committed to the process, but also the driving motivation to keep you going. The excitement for truth and liberation can be a tremendous asset in this way.

At the same time, this same excitement can get you into trouble. I have seen this happen in students who become so excited about the truth that they feel they must tell everyone. Well, not everyone wants to know this truth. Not everyone is ready. Your own family or your best friend may not be ready. Be prepared for this. If they are not ready, there is little you can do about it except work on yourself, change your own life and be a living example of the truth you are so excited about. Then, hopefully, your friend will ask you about it one day.

If someone is not ready, it is important not to force your ideas on them. This will meet usually with great resistance and they may take a close-minded position toward the very ideas you want so ardently to share with them.

So focus on yourself when it comes to awakening. Focus, especially, on implementing the teachings in your everyday life. Focus on practicing presence as often as you can. Focus on watching your thoughts and how you label everything. Focus on practicing stillness and silence.

This is the best thing you can do for your friends and family, and really, for the whole world. The world needs your awakening. And as you awaken, those who are just about ready will recognize through you that they are ready.

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